InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta Case Study

The property owned by Pebblebrook Hotel Trust has always been focused on taking advantage of technology in applications which have measurable bottom line impact. A couple of years ago the property invested in liquor monitoring technology. Following an upgrade in the summer of 2013, the property team decided that they needed to look for something better. The solution they had did not effectively interface with POS, which meant they did not have actionable data to discuss with the team. In addition product and partnership performance was blocking them from achieving the desired benefit.

Liquor monitoring systems monitor what is being poured from bottles based on technology embedded in the liquor spouts. The net result is you will know that a bartender poured 2.7oz’s of Jack Daniels yesterday at 755pm. “In a bar operation like ours”, said Jason Deville Director of F&B InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, “you cannot just know what was poured. We have to know what was sold to know whether or not 2.7oz’s of Jack Daniels was an over pour of a Jack & Coke or on target with standards if it was a Jack Daniels Manhattan.”

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