The Benjamin Hotel Case Study

The Benjamin Hotel is a beloved Midtown fixture ensuring guests make the most of every New York minute. In the spring of 2013, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, the property owner, had suggested a beverage performance improvement program offered by Strategic Beverage Solutions Inc. (SBS). After Denihan Hospitality corporate evaluated and approved the solution, the project began in June 2013. BarVision monitoring technology was installed on most of the liquor bottles and all of the draft beer taps in the National Bar & Dining Room.

The results to data have been impressive. A 5 point beverage cost drop is significant in a $3M dollar beverage operation. Beverage costs drops are driven by lower pour averages as bartenders have been able to achieve consistent pouring in accordance with standards. Beverage costs are also driven lower by recovering revenue from missed up charges and lost drinks. Finally margin data based profitability initiatives effectively lower beverage costs by increasing revenue and shifting product mix to higher margin items.

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