Driving ROI Results with Beverage Monitoring Solutions

Driving ROI Results with Beverage Monitoring Technology By: Scott Martiny (May 2012)

Five years ago Beverage Monitoring Technology began to get traction in the hospitality industry. Early products were expensive, clunky looking and had survival issues; yet proven business impact was possible even with these early products. In the end ROI Results scorecards on these systems were inconsistent. Great successes and unfortunately just as many “no results” stories have been told. The key then and today is having a solid integration with POS, and surrounding the technology deployment with the right consulting services package that insures success.

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The Perfect Bartender

The Perfect Bartender By Scott Martiny

Bartender picture We’ve all sat there sipping a drink we know had extra liquor value in it, or looked at the check when the time came to pay a bill and noticed drinks we did not get charged for. Did you think someone decided to have this happen or perhaps it was just a mistake? What choices do you make as a customer when these gratuitous events come along? An interesting study recently uncovered facts about what really happens when the customer gets a heavy pour or free drink.

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