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target customers The primary customer for a Hotel F&B outlet is hotel guests, but the bar/restaurant experience is also becoming a preferred choice for a growing non hotel guest market segment. Whether it be an end of business day crowd or transient visitor crowd, or even an end of day local residence crowd, a lot of these potential customers don’t want to go to a destination restaurant, or to a party bar – they want the same experience as your hotel guest.

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Assessment Programs – The Right First Step in a Beverage Performance Improvement Project

“What would you pay to have an experienced bar operations person you can trust, analyze your numbers, visit with and interview your team, observe your operation in high volume mode and then share with you any and all potential beverage performance improvement opportunities and ideas on how to go after those opportunities? How about $0? The SBS Assessment Program – a perfect first step if you are looking to improve beverage performance results in your bar and banquet operations.” -Scott Martiny | CEO Strategic Beverage Solutions


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Margin Management – A New Way of Looking at Your Bar Business

Margin Management – A New Way of Looking at Your Bar Business By: Scott Martiny

Beverage cost is an industry performance metric owners, asset managers and general managers look to in assessing bar performance. A budget target is set and tracked against in P&L reporting. Whether automated inventory tools or simple excel spreadsheets are utilized, the resulting numbers are generated and woe the beverage operation that is tracking over its budget target.

But a funny thing happens along the way. Numbers jump up and down from one month to the next, often in ways that could not possibly reflect actual improvement in or degradation of performance in the operation. “It must be the accounting, or the inventory process, or an event we had” are some of the usual explanations. An operation with a major improvement opportunity can get celebrated for its success because the numbers are fine or a good operation comes under pressure because the numbers are not. There is no opportunity in the budget process to define what the numbers should be and they often just end up being the same as last year. No process occurs to reflect on what the number should be given all the givens and how changing business mix and purchase costs factors could affect the numbers positively or negatively.

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Making The Leap – A New Banquets Beverage World

Making the Leap – A New Banquets Beverage World By: Scott Martiny

Some things never change, so the story goes. You can put banquets bars on that list. For decades now it’s been 8 bottles of liquor, and a couple of bottled beer and wine choices. It was boring then and it’s still boring. But most times we drink for free, so what should we expect anyway? For the event sponsor, however, they still get the invoice, and they still erupt, absolutely certain there was no way we all drank that much.

30 years ago there was no way to approach a banquet beverage bar setup differently. It’s challenging to setup a bar, take a starting and ending inventory, manually calculate consumption, then the invoice all in the course of one evening. Add to that the competitive pressure to win events which makes price a big decision factor, and it’s no wonder banquet bar programs are a race to the lowest common denominator.

But some things have changed. Technology is now providing new options which, if embraced, can dramatically change the way you approach your banquet beverage service offering. In so doing you can improve your overall competitiveness in securing event business while improving your beverage revenue yield per event. Beverage monitoring technology allows everything about banquet beverage service to be reconsidered. Now you can know exactly what and how much is poured, when it’s poured. That capability unleashes the chains which have traditionally bound banquet bar operations to status quo.

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Driving ROI Results with Beverage Monitoring Solutions

Driving ROI Results with Beverage Monitoring Technology By: Scott Martiny (May 2012)

Five years ago Beverage Monitoring Technology began to get traction in the hospitality industry. Early products were expensive, clunky looking and had survival issues; yet proven business impact was possible even with these early products. In the end ROI Results scorecards on these systems were inconsistent. Great successes and unfortunately just as many “no results” stories have been told. The key then and today is having a solid integration with POS, and surrounding the technology deployment with the right consulting services package that insures success.

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The Perfect Bartender

The Perfect Bartender By Scott Martiny

Bartender picture We’ve all sat there sipping a drink we know had extra liquor value in it, or looked at the check when the time came to pay a bill and noticed drinks we did not get charged for. Did you think someone decided to have this happen or perhaps it was just a mistake? What choices do you make as a customer when these gratuitous events come along? An interesting study recently uncovered facts about what really happens when the customer gets a heavy pour or free drink.

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